About Oasis Antique Oriental Rugs

Opened in the early 1970’s Oasis is the only gallery specializing exclusively in antique, handmade Oriental Rugs, and textiles in the Pacific Northwest. ┬áIn the course of the aging process Oriental Rugs actually become more beautiful. Exposed to air and light organically dyed colors become more subtle, varied, and rich while wool acquires a patina which further enhances their appearance.

No more expensive than good quality new rugs, and often less and with hundreds of rugs in stock please visit our online gallery for a sampling, or come into the shop in person to discover the magic these textiles convey.

Featured Carpets (click on the image for more information!)

19th Century Baluch


Keyhole design Shirvan rug

Keyhole Shirvan

Yomud Kap

Rose-design Afshar

East Anatolian Kurd




Meshed Baluch

Perepedil Kuba


Yomud Asmalyk

Turkish prayer rug

Kurd with tile design

Ghirandagio Bergama

Yellow field Kuba

Memling gul Kazak

Ersari prayer rug



Jerusalem prayer rug

Khamseh Rug with bird design

East Anatolian Kurdish rug

Chinese Dragon rug

Kirghiz Ensi

East Anatolian Yastik

Kirghiz Torba

Tekke Torba

Square-format Sarouk

Chodor main carpet

American-style Sarouk


Yomud Ensi

Baluch Khorjin bird bags

Shahshavan horse cover

Jaf Kurd Khorjin bag

Navajo saddle blanket


Kurd Hamadan

An overall image of a Kuba Seychour rug (from present day Azerbaijan) featuring a traditional cross design.

Seychour Kuba

an image of a Tibetan Saddle carpet (mixed media: leather and wool) from circa 1900

Tibetan saddle rug

An overall image of a Kuba rug (from present-day Azerbaijan) with striking design and colors.



Bergama prayer rug